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In the land of OFFICIAL MY LITTLE PONY COSTUMES, the ponies have assembled to bring the Magic of Friendship into your home. Shop unicorns and alicorns like Twilight Sparkle, Earth ponies like Pinkie Pie and Sundance, and Pegasus ponies like Rainbow Dash and Starsong, all with their own cutie marks! Our costumes for toddlers, kids and adults range from classic 1980s My Little Pony costumes to current My Little Pony costumes to make girls of all ages feel special every time they put them on, whether it’s for DRESS UP or Halloween.

In addition to our HALLOWEEN COSTUMES, Official My Little Pony Costumes carries PARTY SUPPLIES for your My Little Pony THEME PARTY. We have tableware, decorations and party favors that will bring extra magic to your child’s birthday party or other event. Our everyday SALE PRICES and helpful customer service combine to provide a simply magical My Little Pony costume experience!

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